Augment your biotech project with our expertise.

Data Visualization

Build stunning visualizations of biological data using the best tools like Plotly, Matplotlib, and Three.js. Plasmidsaurus needed a way to visualize the output of their plasmid sequencing, so we built a custom sequence viewer that allows them to easily analyze, annotate, take action on their data.

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Full Stack Web Development

Develop robust, scalable, modern web applications tailored to the unique demands of biotech research and development. Epicrisper Biotechnologies needed a custom web application to share their research on dCasMINI, so we built a data pipeline, a Next.js app, and deployed it on their internal AWS infrastructure.

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UI / UX Infrastructure

Sphinx Bio wanted to quickly build out a sophisticated web application to meet their launch deadline. To maximize their iteration speed, we set them up with a powerful set of UI tools.

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